Chris Bumstead Reacts to Thirst Tweets and TikToks | Gymshark

I don't even know what to say about some of these These are hilarious apparently I'm just daddy now oh my God what's going on guys Chris Bumstead dreamshark athlete and today I'm going to be going over some funny tweets and tick tocks from you guys all right so I haven't seen these at all yet I'm gonna be going over and just seeing what's said I just want sebum to crumpled me up like a piece of paper and [ __ ] throw me is that too much to ask for that is a little bit much to ask for and I don't know what kind of [ __ ] you're into but being crumpled into and thrown around I don't know that's not what I'm into so you might have to find someone else Chris bump said it's just a different animal man wow I'm trying to be my own Beast let alone a different animal so thanks Sam if you ever need motivation just look at daddy sebum working out apparently I'm just daddy now so my role model girl makeup was my dad so if you guys want to call me daddy and that's your motivation I'll take it just as long as there's no like weird enunciations of daddy where you're just looking at me in the wrong way but appreciate the love I believe aliens haven't attacked us yet they're waiting for the moment where they can steal sea bumps so they can clone Perfection that's a scary news right there maybe they're waiting for me to reach Perfection to steal me to clone me hopefully they pick someone out of me because I kind of like this world if you don't have sebum jeans don't look at me from a girl too so I'm sorry but you might be lonely your whole life if you're waiting for that because I'm locked in and no one else has my jeans so apologies for that in advance Chris [ __ ] Bumstead that is that's my name my middle name is now [ __ ] if you didn't know I'm replacing it legally it's done the day I'm built like Chris bum said the day it's over for you hoes I don't know what it means by over but that's kind of scary I don't know if you're coming after them in what way but if you're a bit like me one day then I'm just worried that I'm gonna be losing the Olympia so hopefully the hoes are safe and I'm safe on the Olympia stage hope sebum is having a wonderful day thank you Lindsay it's always a beautiful day I have lifters I think we can all collectively agree on our obsession with Chris Bumstead Hearts monster crying Emoji or something thanks Cody I appreciate your obsession for some reason the only obsessions I have are from other men so I've just accepted that men are obsessed with me and women don't really care as much but I appreciate the love nonetheless that moment when you have a push day and daddy sebum posts a new vid about chest day two I tell people all the time I'm watching your guys workouts when I know you're doing chess that day I'm uploading my chest workout just for you guys daddy sebum how's your back Chris bump said so is me inspiration that's my interpretation of Spanish I'm assuming I have no idea what language that is but Mercy that's French very wrong language but it's the only other one I know just want to look like Daddy sebum I mean if I am your daddy then that means maybe we share some genes and usually you grow up to look like your father so maybe one day you will look like Daddy sibo alright guys so that's a wrap on the tweets now we're going to be moving on to the funny tick tocks these are always funny so it should get interesting [Music] like sunny I've seen a few of these These are hilarious just getting nervous when I come by this is my thing too when I come up to people sometimes I don't want to ask how many sets you have left because I'll be like they recognize me I'm like how many sets do you have left like I'm done and they'll just leave and I feel bad so try not to make you guys nervous [Music] I heard they checking for me no one checking on me him editing me with my arm around him that's golden right there oh wow a woman in this one [Music] I got some love from a girl there apparently if you leave your girlfriend for me she won't be upset so anyone looking for an out in the relationship I got your back [Music] I love that people are so comfortable choking that like men is what they're in love with right now and some other Jack dude is thinking about on their mind all day this is the secret right here of why when I walk down the beach I'm seeing everyone staring at me hopefully you never catch me on a nude beach I don't even want to know what's gonna happen all right so that was the last one I think I gotta get more on Twitter and Tick Tock because these are absolutely hilarious the combination of funny and gratitude that I have that you guys are like using me as inspiration it's just it's really awesome hopefully you guys enjoy this video and I'll catch you in the next one foreign

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