Chesapeake, Virginia: What You NEED to Know Before Moving Here

hey friends if you are thinking about 
moving to chesapeake virginia then i   have some things today that you should 
know before you move here let's go thank you so much for joining me today you guys 
if you are new here my name is taylor hudgins i'm   your real estate agent helping you make hampton 
roads your home so i wanted to sit down and do   this video on chesapeake because i've had a lot of 
people reach out to me who are moving to the area   which is super exciting but they need some help 
in deciphering the difference between virginia   beach and norfolk and chesapeake and hampton and 
newport news so hampton roads is pretty large so   they're trying to figure out what area works 
best for them so today we're going to cover   chesapeake and then i'll do some more videos 
on the other areas at another time so let's go   ahead and dive in so of course i'm going to try 
to pack as much information as i can into this   one little youtube video but i do also have 
some more free additional resources over at a so feel free to check that out 
whenever you have some time and i'm going to try   to start packing more information into these 
videos as i can to make this as efficient as   possible for you guys so i know i'm throwing quite 
a bit at you so on the youtube platform i can't   say for facebook and all the other ones but on the 
youtube platform i'm going to put chapters down   here so feel free to click around if you want to 
skip over to different things to do in chesapeake   or different housing in chesapeake so i'm going 
to put all of that down here so feel free to   click around to your heart's delight so where 
the heck is chesapeake so of course chesapeake   is covered as one of the seven cities in hampton 
roads which is virginia beach norfolk chesapeake   portsmouth suffolk hampton and newport news now 
chesapeake is the larger city on the hampton roads   southern side of the tidewater region so 
it's going to border most of north carolina   and it's so large that it actually borders 
virginia beach norfolk portsmouth and suffolk   so just to give you an idea of where chesapeake is 
compared to other places it's going to be about an   hour to williamsburg about an hour and 40-ish 
minutes to richmond and about 35 to 40 minutes   to the virginia beach ocean front just depending 
on where you are in chesapeake a lot of people   also moved to hampton roads because of military 
relocation so if you're headed here because you're   going to be moving over to norfolk naval you'll 
probably be about 25 to 35 minutes from chesapeake   just depending on which part you're headed to in 
chesapeake and if you're headed to oceana naval   air station you'll probably be about 30 to 45 
minutes from different parts of chesapeake just   depending on where you're at so as far as traffic 
goes in chesapeake generally speaking traffic   is totally fine of course you'll probably see a 
little more traffic during rush hour times during   prime times but even then it's not detrimental 
by any stretch i will go ahead and forewarn you   though that just depending on where you are and 
chesapeake you might need to cross a few tunnels   of course being in hampton roads we have lots of 
tunnels depending on your commute so there is one   that connects norfolk and portsmouth so if you're 
on the western side of chesapeake you'll probably   need to go through the elizabeth river tunnel to 
get there it's probably going to be your best shot   but traffic through the tunnel during rush hour 
is a pain so just go ahead and tack on a few more   minutes to get through the tunnel if that's part 
of your daily commute but if you are in chesapeake   and trying to commute over to newport news or 
hampton there are a few other tunnels that you can   take like the james river tunnel that might have 
less traffic than the elizabeth river tunnel a   lot of people moving to the area also ask how the 
weather is here in virginia so to be completely   transparent with you virginia weather is pretty 
mild for the most part we have all four seasons   in the summertime it usually does get a little hot 
because we are by the water and so the humidity   here is pretty high so in the summertime you're 
probably looking at the 80s 90s in july and august   and the wintertime probably mostly hanging around 
the 40s and 50s we usually get about one maybe two   snows a year but what will usually happen is it 
will rain and then the uh temperatures will drop   after that during the night and so we'll wake 
up to ice on the roads um in the early mornings   but that's usually about it for the most part 
it's pretty mild here we have a wonderful spring   and a wonderful fall so it's really nice to be 
here in the virginia areas but of course again   our community is pretty high being this close 
to the water so just be prepared for that   as far as the cost of living goes in chesapeake 
and hampton roads in virginia in general i would   say we are slightly below the national average 
of the cost of living but generally speaking   we're probably middle of the pack so we're gonna 
definitely be cheaper than places like dc or new   york or atlanta but if you are coming from places 
like missouri or alabama we're probably gonna be   higher than those areas as well so we'll probably 
middle of the pack but it all really depends on   where you're coming from so i'll also link down 
below some articles that can help you determine   the cost of living living depending on where 
you're coming from and what you can expect so   what the heck is there to do in chesapeake if you 
really like the outdoors and things like fishing   or canoeing or camping chesapeake is going to be 
a great place for you so chesapeake has tons of   parks that you should check out it's got oak grove 
lake park northwest river park and chesapeake also   has the great decimal swamp which i know sounds 
terrible but it's actually really fun so in the   great dismal swamp you also have lake drummond so 
lake drummond is this beautiful area where you can   go camping as well kayaking canoeing super fun 
spot if you're super active chesapeake also has   one of the very few ice skating complexes around 
hampton roads so it's called the chilled ponds   ice sports complex so of course if you're on a 
hockey team or if your kiddos aren't a hockey team   they can use the space but it's also just open to 
the public so if you want to just go ice skating   for the afternoon you can definitely do that so 
make sure to check them out another super fun spot   you should try in chesapeake is the hickory ridge 
farm so usually they're open from spring to fall   so in the springtime they have lots of 
fruits and vegetables for you to go pick   um or for you to buy and then they also have 
strawberries there at the farm that you can go   pick yourself and in the fall time they have 
pumpkins for you to pick so super cool super   fun feel free to take the kids the family it's 
a really good time now if you're in chesapeake   and you just want somewhere to go and relax there 
are a ton of really nice breweries in chesapeake   so my top three are back bay farmhouse brewing 
the garage brewing and big ugly brewing   all really awesome spots throughout chesapeake 
for you to go take some friends hang out   have an adult beverage after a long week either 
way you're definitely safe in any of those spots now if you're looking for some really good spots 
to eat in chesapeake if you're a foodie there are   tons of good restaurants here as well of course 
hampton roads is full of awesome restaurants but   if you're specifically looking in chesapeake 
if you're looking for somewhere to have some   delicious brunch make sure to check out the egg 
bistro on kimsville road so freaking good they   usually are slam packs so try to get there early 
if you can but if not the weight is definitely   worth it so in hampton roads we have tons of 
great seafood places but if you're specifically   looking for seafood in chesapeake make sure to 
try off the hook off of battlefield boulevard   it is so freaking good it's actually kind of off 
the bean path not very many people know about it   so if you want to hang where the locals hang 
definitely make sure to check them out you can   also make a reservation so if you are knowing that 
you're headed there definitely highly recommend   doing that if you can now of course if you're 
looking for somewhere that's going to be able   to satisfy everyone in the family i highly 
recommend baker's crust it is so good they   actually have a location out in virginia beach but 
there's one in greenbrier and chesapeake as well   they have a wide variety that is for sure going to 
satisfy every single person that comes to dinner   with you so make sure to check them out they also 
have really great mixed drinks so if you want to   have a good relaxing adult beverage with your 
dinner this is a great spot for you to head to   now if you have little ones in your family and 
you're looking to get some more information   on the schools and chesapeake i highly highly 
recommend checking out for a   full list of school rankings on elementary 
schools middle schools and high schools   i'll give you a list of all the high schools in 
chesapeake but make sure to check out that website   just for a list a full list of all the schools 
and school rankings but as far as high schools go   chesapeake is pretty large so they do have seven 
public high schools which are going to include   deep creek high grass field high great bridge high 
hickory high indian river high oscar smith high   and western branch high so again definitely check 
out for rankings on all those   schools and middle schools and elementary schools 
it's probably going to be the best source for you   to get some more information now chesapeake is 
also a really great area to invest in real estate   so let me give you some background a lot of people 
that originally were moving to hampton roads   tended to start in virginia beach and norfolk 
and as all those areas started to get a little   more populated they tended to get a little more 
crowded a lot of people started to move out to   chesapeake so a lot of the homes you'll find in 
chesapeake have been built since the 1990s now   not all of them but quite a few of them have been 
built since the 90s as these newer neighborhoods   have been developed and new construction at the 
time have been developed over the last few decades   so you'll see that a lot compared to virginia 
beach and norfolk who are going to have more   homes that were built between 1940 and 1960. 
so again a lot of the chesapeake homes have   been built since the 1990s just depending 
on the neighborhood that you're looking in   in chesapeake you'll also find that a lot of the 
houses have a lot more space the houses here in   chesapeake tend to be a little larger whereas 
in norfolk and virginia beach it's a little more   cramped so they're just trying to stick in houses 
where they can just because of the population   so in chesapeake you're seeing a lot of new 
neighborhoods pop up over the last few years and a   lot of these houses are going to have much bigger 
yards they're going to have much bigger square   footage compared to virginia beach and norfolk 
so with that being said if you are looking for   a four bedroom two and a half bath kind of family 
home you're probably looking anywhere between 375   and 500 for a price point now of course there are 
houses that are cheaper than that and there are   houses that are much more expensive than that just 
depending on where you're looking and what kind of   home you're looking for that's going to satisfy 
what you need for you and your family now if you   are looking for a home in chesapeake in the near 
future feel free to head over to   just to see what homes are currently on the market 
what's available that might work for you and your   family thank you so much for joining me today you 
guys if you have any questions about chesapeake   if you're moving to the area or even leaving 
the area feel free to leave those questions in   the comments below i make sure to answer those 
all personally if you are looking for an agent   to help you buy or sell i would be happy to help 
you out i'll leave my contact information in the   description below but again thank you so much for 
joining me and i will see you in the next video you

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