Buzz Aldrin & Terry Virts Invite You to Mars (In VR) // Omaze

Listen up! You, me, him. We're going to Mars! Or at least help people who will. Hi, I'm Commander Terry Virts, and this is, of course, Dr. Buzz Aldrin. And we're teaming up with Omaze to give you a chance to hang out with each of us for a day. Here's the plan– Terry, I'll handle this. We're gonna get in a spacecraft, and we're gonna establish a permanent colony on Mars. Look, Buzz, we can't go to Mars just yet. You sound like the people that told me I couldn't walk on the moon. You know what happened after that, Terry? You walked on the moon.

What did you say? You walked on the moon. You're damn right I did! So here's the deal: We'll fly you and a friend out to Florida where you'll be Buzz's guest at the ShareSpace Gala celebrating the 48th anniversary of Apollo 11. And then, following that– You'll say goodbye to your loved ones, wish them well and prepare for the long, cold journey to Mars. Well, you can see what a Mars colony might look like in Buzz's really cool new virtual reality experience without spending those 300 long, cold days on a spaceship. You're gonna love that, it's really cool. I'll also take you on an inside tour of the Kennedy Space Center and join you for a private lunch. You'll even head over to Buzz's office to talk about Mars and the future of space travel.

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