Business Analyst Training Part 1 : How to Break Into Business Analysis With No Experience!

hey guys this is Karaleise Wahrmann and today 
I'm very excited I'm very pumped up because I'm   gonna be talking to you about how to break into 
business analysis when you have no experience   I mean this is one of the biggest problems 
that people face so if you're having this   problem where you want to become a business 
analyst but you have no work experience I   have some really good option of aspects for you 
so stay tuned don't go anywhere see in a minute one and thank you for staying with me and today 
we're going to be talking about the stuff that   you came to hear about which is how to become a 
business analyst with no experience so this is   a very important topic to me because so many 
people struggle with this luckily for us the   business analysis and programming are two of the 
careers and there there are others but those are   the two I know of that you can break into without 
having the work experience in the traditional   sense meaning that you can find ways around this 
problem and I'm gonna share with you what that is   right now so before I get into that though first 
if you want to become a business analyst the first   thing I would say is do you know what business 
analysis is you know become very familiar with   business analysis with so find out more about 
the career find out more about you know what it   is that you're gonna be doing and what does the 
business analysts do every day to make sure that   this is something that you can see yourself doing 
every single day you can work you know it's good   to find out exactly what it is so I have a video 
which I'm gonna put a link in the description or   somewhere up here I talked about what is business 
analysis and what do business analysts do so you   can check that out to get a better understanding 
of the field and then you can assess whether or   not you really want to do this as your career 
now if you've done that and you still feel like   you want to be a business analyst then the first 
thing you need to do I would say is to learn some   basic programming now business analysts don't 
write code every day we don't build software   from the coding up but we need to understand 
the concepts the technical jargons the ways that   things are programmed so that when we're writing 
requirements or user stories or use cases we can   put it in the best way to translate from that 
into code so you're not learning it necessarily   to go and do coding but you need to be able to 
understand what the coders have to deal with so   that you can translate properly and also there are 
some languages that you might have to actually do   yourself like sometimes you have to write queries 
so need to learn sequel you know so you want to   brush up on that you want I would recommend sequel 
HTML web technologies HTML CSS and also play a   little server side like a PHP you know Python 
but don't get too caught up about learning it   you know extremely well you're just wanting to 
understand how does it work and in essence if   you know one programming language you understand 
object-oriented code you know they don't need to   know all of them it's just basic ok so that's 
the person going to learn basic programming the   other thing you want to do is this is the big 
one gained some experience right which is the   problem that we all have which is how do you gain 
experience nobody give you a job for you to have   that experience I get it I get it I believe me I 
understand but we have to be creative we have to   be willing to extend ourselves we have to be 
willing to come up with things that you know   others might not be doing so you have to be 
willing to do a little bit more because you   don't have the experience so my suggestion is this 
ok listen to this when you have no experience the   best thing you can do is you can create your 
experience create your own work experience now   how do you do this you do this by case studies ok 
so you are a business analyst so you're aspiring   to become a business analyst whatever business 
analyst is going to be faced with every single day   are problems business problems and you're gonna 
have to find ways using tools and techniques to   solve these problems for the business so you can 
show that you you have a good understanding a good   grasp of business analysis and you can be a good 
business analyst by showing that in a case study   so you can look for a problem in a business that 
you've personally encountered you can look for   just in situation that you can fix and you're 
going to apply all of the tools and techniques   they're going to learn from the by Bach first of 
all you you know this is a sidebar but you need   to be very familiar with the look if you're gonna 
be a business analyst okay so you've learned all   these techniques and so on you're gonna apply 
that into a business problem that you encounter   and then you create your documents you create 
your requirements you create your flowcharts   you create your user story sometimes and you 
have this document of work that you'll use as   your work sample and so when you're going to an 
interview ask you hey we don't see you haven't   worked in business analysis you know you have no 
experience oh yes I really haven't worked formally   as a business analyst but I love the careers so 
much I know so much about the field I even solve   problems that I had encounter personally based on 
how I would if I was you know a business analyst   with that company so I have here a sample of some 
of the work I've done and you can go through and   explain your problem and how you solve it how you 
went about the Sabbath and show them examples of   the type of work that you do and believe me that 
will have a bigger impact on an employer who is   looking to employ somebody in the business 
analyst field that if you went in there with   nothing to say oh I don't have an experience what 
I'm gonna gain someone you employ me you know you   can show them that you are forward-thinking and 
this is how you would solve the problem now the   only way this is gonna backfire on you is if you 
don't understand business analysis and you don't   apply the techniques properly so make sure your 
work sample is perfect okay you can even give it   out to other people who are in the field to review 
for you and kind of make sure you're understanding   the concepts properly and so on but I guarantee 
that if you have this work sample that can be   used at an example of folk you know of your 
job the quality of work you can produce and   that could take the place of a work experience of 
course sometimes you know it's not gonna be easy   people might say we want five years of experience 
and so what I mean you can't fight that but if   you're trying to get the entry-level position or 
a junior be a position you can use that as proof   that you're that much invested in the career 
and that could help you that's what you do the   other thing that you can do to break into linear 
analysis is to learn the tool so most of what we   use are just standard Microsoft tools so Microsoft 
Word Excel PowerPoint are going to be the three   big ones but we also use Visio Microsoft Visio is 
your diagramming tool you use it to build your use   case diagrams your flow diagrams and so and they 
already come with all the little shapes that you   need and you just pull them over and create your 
flow so that's important to know as well but if   you don't have Microsoft Visio then you can use 
other tools online like lucid chart is very good   it's online it's free I think for 14 days or 
something but you just need it for in a short   time anyway there's a lot of open source tools as 
well I'll put the link below of the open source   ones that you can use to build your you know 
your diagrams and so on you also need to learn   just presentation skills you know how to create 
a good presentation so it's really mainly your Microsoft products you make mock-ups but 
that I recommend balsamic it's pretty good   but there's a number of other ones 
that are also good and also I've   linked to that I have a video on tools and 
techniques that you can use for business   analysis so I'll you can find it on my 
channel as well I put a link somewhere

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