Best Controller Agent in Valorant 2022


Controllers are agents that have a good sense of the map and tactical abilities that can change the tide of battle. Although they don’t have as many disables as Sentinels, these agents tend to be more mobile.

There are even agents like Yoru that even though he’s categorized as a Duelist, you can somewhat play him as a Controller his ability kit requires you to have good map awareness.

Also, timing on when to use your abilities is crucial whenever you want to win a round so mindlessly spamming your skills in the hopes of the enemy falling into your team’s traps might not be a good strategy.


Best Controller Agents In Valorant: Omen

Coming in first from our best agents in Valorant in the Controller category is Omen. He has a stealthy ability kit that’s suited for players who are patient with moving around the map waiting for the perfect time to strike. You can probably try to play him like a Duelist but you might have a hard time given his ability kit has a bit of a long channeling animation.

However, Omen’s channeling duration on his teleports might be a turn-off to some players because you still have a chance to get killed. He could’ve been a top 2 if his teleportation were buffed.

If you’re good with teleporting around the map without the enemy team predicting where you’ll pop out on the map, then you might be interested in playing as Omen.

  • Paranoia – Omen fires a shadow projectile forward that briefly reduces the vision of all players that it touches. This ability is somewhat similar to Reyna’s Leer.
  • Dark Cover – Place a shadow orb at a marked location. This ability may sometimes be tricky to place and it can be overwhelming to beginners that they rather use either Jett or Brimstone for smoking areas for the sake of simplicity.
  • Shrouded Step – Omen shadow walks at a specific range while having a brief channel before teleporting to the marked location.
  • From The Shadows – This ultimate ability lets Omen teleport to any location on the map. However, he will appear as a Shade that can be destroyed by an enemy to cancel his teleport.



If you’re a beginner and you want to play around with being a smoker for your team and quickly get familiarized with map control, then you might want to try out Brimstone.

What’s unique about this agent is that he has the most user-friendly approach to deploying smokes compared to both Omen and Astra. He can also play as a light support for your team by deploying his stim beacon.

  • Incendiary – Equip a grenade launcher that creates a pool of fire damaging whoever passes through its zone.
  • Sky Smoke – Brimstone deploys a tactical map where he can conveniently place up to three clouds of smoke to block the enemy team’s path.
  • Stim Beacon – Place a stim beacon in an area and players within its area will be granted rapid fire.
  • Orbital Strike – Call an orbital laser strike at a selected map location. This ultimate is useful in tight areas in the map where your enemies will probably go through depending on the intel that you get from your team.

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