Bard | Google I/O 2023

If you ask me, I think
they're both good boys. OK, now, let's do another one. Imagine I'm 18, and I
need to apply to college. I won't date myself
with how long it's been, but it's still an
overwhelming process. So I'm thinking about
colleges, but I'm not sure what I want to focus on. I'm into video games, and
what kinds of programs might be interesting? OK, this is a
helpful head start. Hmm, animation looks
pretty interesting. Now, I could ask,
help me find colleges with animation programs
in Pennsylvania. OK, great. That's a good list of schools. Now to see where
these are, I might now say show these on a map. Here, Bard's going to use
Google Maps to visualize where the schools are. [APPLAUSE] This is super helpful,
and it's exciting to see that there's plenty of
options not too far from home.

Now, let's start
organizing things a bit. Show these options as a table. Nice, structured and
organized, but there's more I want to know. Add a column, showing
whether they're public or private schools. [APPLAUSE] Perfect, this is a
great start to build on. And now, let's move
this to Google Sheets, so my family can jump in later
to help me with my search.

[APPLAUSE] You can see how easy it will
be to get a jump start in Bard and quickly have something
useful to move over to apps, like Docs or Sheets,
to build on with others. OK, now, that's a taste
of what's possible when Bard meets some
of Google's apps, but that's just the start. Bard will be able to tap
into all kinds of services from across the
web with extensions from incredible partners,
like Instacart, Indeed, Khan Academy, and many more. So here's a look at one coming
in the next couple of months.

With Adobe Firefly,
you'll be able to generate completely new images from
your imagination right in Bard. Now, let's say, I'm
planning a birthday party for my seven year old
who loves unicorns. I want a fun image to send
out with the invitations. Make an image of a unicorn
and a cake at a kid's party. OK, now, Bard is
working with Firefly to bring what I
imagined to life. [APPLAUSE] How amazing is that? This will unlock
all kinds of ways that you can take your
creativity further and faster, and we are so excited
for this partnership. Bard continues to
rapidly improve and learn new abilities, and we want to
let people around the world try it out and share
their feedback. So today, we are
removing the waitlist and opening up Bard to over
180 countries and territories– [APPLAUSE] –with more coming soon. And in addition to becoming
available in more places, Bard is also becoming
available in more languages.

Beyond English,
starting today, you'll be able to talk to Bard
in Japanese and Korean. [APPLAUSE] Adding languages responsibly
involves deep work to get things, like quality
and local nuances, right, and we're pleased to share
that we're on track to support 40 languages soon. [APPLAUSE] It's amazing to see the rate of
progress so far, more advanced models, so many
new capabilities, and the ability for
even more people to collaborate with Bard. And when we're ready to move
Bard to our Gemini model, I'm really excited about
more advancements to come. So that's where we're going
with Bard, connecting tools from Google and amazing
services across the web to help you do and create
anything you can imagine through a fluid
collaboration with our most capable large language models. There's so much to
share in the days ahead..

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