Apple’s values are changing..

the phone should feel great in your hand and more importantly should be easy to use with this magical device we all carry called a horizontally opposed thumb it should be easy to send messages type emails and that's just how we designed iPhone 5. yeah it's pretty clear that Apple's values are changing and we just got a confirmation that next year they're taking it to the next level with the iPhone 16. yes both of the 16 Pro Models are getting even larger displays specifically 6.3 inch on the pro and a massive 6.9 inch on the max so I'm gonna answer three questions in this video why are they doing this how did we get here and what else is coming to next year's iPhone when the iPhone 6 Plus came out with a 5.5 inch display almost 10 years ago it was pretty clear why at the time it was honestly Market pressure from competitors putting larger and larger displays on their phones so Apple quickly figured out that if someone wanted a big screen the 4.7 inch iPhone was simply a no-go so that gave birth to a new Apple that constantly tried to offer what their Android Rivals offered from large displays and wireless charging to multiple camera lenses and more recently in always on display so that's how we got here but why a 6.9 inch display on the 16 Pro Max and why now well if we're being completely honest I think we've pretty much reached Peak smartphone especially seeing as the last three 6.7 inch display iPhones don't really feel much different so Apple doesn't really have a choice they've got to make it even bigger and even better and to tell you the truth I'm actually pretty excited for the new 6.9 inch display but the biggest takeaway is this only the Pro Models will be getting the new display sizes the regular ones are staying the same so it's pretty clear Apple wants you to buy Pro models and I completely agree regular models aren't worth the price compared to the pros and now let me answer the last question of what else we should expect from next year's 16 Pro and 16 Pro Max but first I've got to give a shout out to our partner case coup for their magic stand case which is the most versatile case I've ever used due to the fact that it has a completely flush Max safe ring on a hinge so you can use it as a stand for things like watching videos or taking photos at a variety of angles in the case itself is built super rugged and high quality as well and now casu is offering a new payment method so you can shop now and pay overtime with clarna so check out the discount info and Link down in the description below now getting back to what we should expect on the 16 Pro Models one thing for sure is going to be the delayed you unified volume button now we got a lot of leaks about this from unknowns 21 he basically showed us renders of exactly what it's going to look like with a really cool cut or Ridge in the middle of the button to kind of signify where the plus is and where the minus is and make it easier to use he also gave us the full internal diagram what the actual part is going to look like stretching from the volume button to the action button and power button all connected together but then only about half an hour later he came back and confirmed that it was officially canceled or delayed until the iPhone 16 pro and pro Max models now in terms of other details made Chico many months ago told us that there would be three taptic motors or engines on the iPhone 15 which is now delayed until iPhone 16 Pro Models so basically you're going to be using the action button and the volume buttons and it's going to feel like a real Click A lot of people are not even going to know that their actual solid state buttons similar to how the touch ID button worked on the home button like the iPhone se3 or the magic Trackpad on the MacBooks it's not really moving at all but when you click it it feels like a real click and the way you test this is by turning it off then you feel that it's not actually moving at all now apple is gonna have a really cool solution for this with the iPhone 16 Pro it's going to come with a special low power chip that will allow this to actually work while the phone is off or in a very deep low battery mode it's still gonna click which is absolutely amazing and that's how it's gonna work to continue to turn on or do a hard reset on the iPhone if it's not working now another thing thing that was rumored to come to the 16 pro model next year is the Periscope camera not only just on the 15 Pro Max which is getting it this year but apparently on both of the models next year however we do have a leak from Michiko and he completely disagrees he says it's going to continue to be exclusive on the 16 Pro Max model and the idea here is that this Periscope camera is going to be amazing it's going to allow you to get up to 6 x Zoom but it might even have adaptive Zoom capability so imagine it can zoom from 3x to 6X dynamically and physically that would be the dream because if it's 6X only then you're going to be going from 1X with the main camera with a 2X punch in digitally to 6X so that entire range is not going to look as good but if it can dynamically Zoom from 3x to 6X that covers the entire range and it is going to be amazing going further apple is working on their own 5G modem chip to replace the one from Qualcomm specifically this year's iPhone 15 Pro Models are getting the x70 modem which is definitely more efficient but when Apple makes their own it is going to be on a whole another level because they could potentially be using tsmc's latest and greatest three nanometer tech for those modems making them insanely efficient and that should even help stop iPhone display screen dimming which happens a lot when you're using 5G especially GPS at the same time so it's going to be a lot more efficient and there's even talks of Apple making their own Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips as well which helps save Apple money and keeps the price of the iPhones down now of course everybody knows that we're getting USBC ports on all of the iPhone 15 models this year but there's a chance that Apple was planning to give the iPhone 15 Pro Models Thunderbolt support basically much faster ports but if it doesn't come this year then I think apple has a very good opportunity to give it to the 16 Pro Models because if you think about it there are enough changes coming to the 15 Pro Models so Apple can simply delay that one more year to make it a nice little upgrade and to finish off this video here are my thoughts on if you should wait for this 16 Pro well personally I don't think so because we are expecting so many changes to the 15 pro this year including USBC the new redesign that's going to have rounded edges so it's going to feel better and the new ultra slim bezels amongst other features like the Periscope camera so I think the 15 Pro is actually going to be the perfect year to to upgrade so with that said hopefully you enjoyed these leaks and rumors on the iPhone 16 Pro and if 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