Apple’s MagSafe just KILLED USB-C! (Sorry EU Lawsuits..)

Apple literally just made history Apple's macsafe standard for wireless charging their iPhones ever since the iPhone 12 has now just been chosen as the future wireless charging standard for all devices globally yes globally the wireless power Consortium just announced that she too yes the replacement for the original Chi is literally built on Apple's Mac safe technology using a new magnetic power profile which is literally Max save and it's going to be built in to the standard for all devices yes that means that Max safe is literally the future I've been trying to tell you guys that for the last couple of years ever since it came out with the iPhone 12 I said Mac safe is going to be huge it's going to be a big deal it's going to be the future it's going to be packed into the Apple car all devices now the airpods Pro 2 run on Mac sleep as well and now Apple has won the entire industry with their Max save connector yes the entire industry is going to be on the standard of G2 which the wireless power Consortium says is going to directly replace the original Qi certification all together and this is an absolute huge deal for the entire smartphone industry and especially Apple because apple is going to be making money because this is the new standard and they're going to be charging different royalty fees and for people to use the logo trademark everything with maxsafe as G2 now I don't know if you know this or not but currently with USBC you actually have to pay a five thousand dollar membership fee to join USB if and that is annual so that you can continue to use the USBC trademark and logo and everything involved with that it's actually not open source and completely free vendors actually have to pay for it now you do have the option of a one-time six thousand dollar fee but then you have to pay three thousand five hundred dollars when you use their logo and to avoid paying that fee you just pay the annual five thousand dollars so imagine now that the entire industry is switching over to maxsafe and apple is making money this is literally the successor to Apple's lightning that's bringing in a lot of royalties and people are wondering how are they going to ditch lightning if USBC is going to be free they're not going to make money well here you go there's maxafe becoming chi2 and bringing in apple a ton of royalty and Licensing Revenue now for the last year or so I've been telling you guys that maxsafe is my favorite feature on the iPhone because it's completely unique and it destroys all other forms of wireless charging because it's magnetic yes you have magnets built in so you get perfect alignment all the time you don't have issues with stuff getting knocked out and moved out of the way like for example in cars right now they have a lot of wireless charging pads built in and the issue is you take a turn it slides off it's no longer charging but now that maxsafe is becoming the chi2 standard you're literally gonna see new cars with magsafe built into the dashes and the center consoles so that you get perfect wireless charging all the time and the awesome thing about all of this is that they're also showing off that you're going to get better efficiency it's going to be more green they're going to have less landfill fill up because these Max save connectors and chargers are going to last a long time and it's going to be standardized I'm so excited for this because right now we even have Android people Android fans that are using magsafe stickers on the back of their Android phones to use macsafe accessories that's how good it is there's even cases you can buy for Android phones with macsafe magnets built in and to see apple just completely win over the industry and become the new standard with Max save is amazing like I thought Max 8 was going to be the future but I didn't expect it to be this big so imagine by the end of the year according to the wireless power Consortium we're gonna have G2 standard Chargers on the market by the end of the year available to everyone and my guess is that within one or two years every single smartphone including Android smartphones will have magsafe batteries built into the back of those smartphones and apple is getting their cut this is the best thing that could ever happen to Apple I can't believe they pulled it off now getting even deeper if you think about Apple's issues right now in the EU with them forcing them to ditch my lightning in adopt the USBC standard to have a standardized charging connector well what if Apple's Max safe will now qualify or pass as that standard because now it's literally standardized across the industry so Apple can say well hey we have a standard max save charger on the back we no longer need USBC I don't know I'm not sure if it's limited to USBC or if it's just any kind of wireless charging standard but if that's the case and apple was able to surpass and go around all those laws by making their own Max safe charger the standard for the entire industry globally that would be absolutely insane now macsafe is the future I believe because even if the next iPhone 15 lineup later this year gets USBC we're gonna get three years of USBC iPhones and then I believe that in 2026 apple is going to have completely portless iPhones relying on macsafe and I do believe that it's going to get a lot faster and a lot more efficient so that's going to be really really big for apple and there's a chance that if all the other smartphones Android phones support maxsafe they could also eventually go portless as well that just blows my mind that the entire industry is going to be following in Apple's footsteps now in terms of Apple making money off of royalties I came across this very interesting post about five years ago from hrh George J Ricky saying that what Apple wants badly is to get a royalty fee from every computer phone and device produced even 10 percent that failed with firewire the usbif only makes Open Standards so they would not agree to anything Apple required Apple could however push for a technology they have patented to be optional then they could convince device manufacturers their Edition was such a great thing and then computer manufacturers would include it in order to enable those devices then they can charge their 10 cents 10 cents on billions of devices for doing nothing is a lot of money there are lots of bits of intellectual property via patents and copyrights and a modern computer and lots of companies earning fractions of pennies so imagine Apple earning royalties even 10 cents on every single mag safe design with Max save charging that is insane amounts of money for Apple that is a huge success and even if Apple can't make any royalties or even limited royalties on this whole Max save thing imagine the entire Market of Mac safe accessories just entirely blowing up and becoming hugely popular because every single smartphone is gonna have Max save G2 built in now if you have any other thoughts you want to share let me know down in the comments section below and if you want to pick up one of those macsafe Chargers in advance you can find it using the YouTube product tagging feature thanks for watching click that Circle button to subscribe for more videos like this one and we'll see you in the next video [Music]

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