Ansel Elgort’s Funny and Cute Moments #2


Ansel Elgort right there! A hundred people came up with the little cameras and their faces and everyone was screaming and it was a mess oh my God Who's hotter : Nat or John? They're both pretty hot I kid, of course Flappy bird! I just got into 64 today which is pretty dope It would be funny if I could play one right here It'd be funny, you could see my technique I've been like nah I need to get to a hundred, to a hundred and today I pass 60 And I was like 'YES' And I was like I need to get to a hundred, to a hundred And I died at 64 That's the problem about that freaking game It's so hard Someone's calling me Want to see who it is? Like, a nice foot on a man or a woman to me, is so sexy I like round, soft cheeks Oh someone said : cake or cookies? Let me show you something epic! I'm gonna go with cookies! Unless….

With cookie cake! Unless there's a cookie cake then I'm gonna go with cookie cake Especially when it's covered in Elmo frosting So yeah I'm not that popular guys You guys think I'm popular but I'm not that cool I like you know when this dude watching me I was in the movie on his hand and he didn't even care Being a movie star isn't that special guys, just telling you I thought it would be much cooler Breakfast, it's what I do I eat my eggs and bacons 'cause it's good for you A fan asked what your cologne was and you said that it was : O'Naturale Yeah, exactly Yeah so that's gonna be in stores, no I'm just kidding You posed next to the posters, just from habit These are all your movies and that's you posing in front of your own posters in the subway Would you look at that view? Just kidding I'm in bed and that's a picture Smile, this smile that he gives Shai it is slightly crooked and it's just fantastic No pressure to keep making that smile You know, just do whatever feels natural It's all good We're going to Amsterdam and that's how I knew I got the part 'Cause like growing up, my parents never let me play video games Or if I did, they'd like looking at the room while I was playing video games and like Get the shit out of me and I was like 'damn' so I stopped So now that I'm living alone I can play video games whenever I want Try to stop me! Someone said, "If I say 'Okay', you say…" What do I say? Okay What? Acting! I'm guessing 1D means One Direction Just because why would you be like loving one D? Can't believe I just made that 1D joke That's One Direction Okay I'm done being dirty Damn, you shoe! Why is this cow pink? Dude, why did you kill the pink cow? Man, I wanna see the pink cow The cow had its period What??! Un-post-able

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