Acorn TV Original | Mystery Road Season 2 | Behind The Scenes: “Who is Jay Swan?”

(country beat music) – My name's Aaron Pedersen
and I play Detective Jay Swan. Jay Swan has been on a long journey for a number of years now through film and through
a television series. He's a detective who works in homicide, solving crimes. And he's been on the trail of a Kingpin for the last, maybe six years. Decides to take the job
in a place called Gideon. – [David] Jay Swan is really a detective caught between two worlds. He's not really trusted by
the white police hierarchy 'cause he's indigenous, but he's not really trusted
by his own community because he's a cop.

– Using a Western trope
of them coming into town, he shakes things up but he does things his own way. – Look he's a loner, he's married to his job. Which in a lot of instances puts a strain on his personal life. – [Jada] I think he just
brings all of this knowledge and this intelligence and this willingness and its lonesomeness. And you know Aaron, whatever Aaron has of that
he sort of keeps to himself, but it is all in Jay. – [Aaron] I love playing Jay because I think he's very complicated. He has many layers, many dimensions and really at the end of the day, he works within the jurisdiction of law and that's the white man's law. But he also understands that
the black man has a law too. And so he's middle ground is a tight rope and it's a fine line. – I've done the right thing, consulted with the traditional owners. Received permission from the land council, but you can't please everyone. – That piece of paper might
talk for you Jackie Jackie here, but it don't talk for me and
it don't talk to my country.

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