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60 kills is a lot I mean 60 anything is a lot like imagine if someone told you hey eat these 60 hot dogs or I'm gonna steal all your reload I mean it sounds impossible no well a good way to make it less impossible is to have a friend help you eat them in this video I'm gonna break down a rank game where me and King dropped a combined 60 kills so maybe you guys can replicate what we did in your games with good enough Chemistry Between You and Your Duo games like these are very possible and speaking of chemistry I hated that class my teacher sucked and I had to learn everything myself maybe you had a similar experience but instead of learning everything about Valor on your own we at skullcap have everything you could possibly need rather than having to teach yourself the game you'll have actual radiant level players guide you along the way it's kind of like time travel you can just fast forward to the part where you're good at Valerian along with that we're also the only service that offers a rank Improvement guarantee so it's literally no risk so what are you waiting for be sure to check out skill caps and we'll see you there alright back to our hot dog eating contest this is probably what you're expecting to see from this sort of combo on every map there are lanes that you can fill with your stun and as long as you have someone who can follow up off them like a raise or neon breaches nuts here just watch our pistol round yeah I can stun this whole Lane if you want to run to them on pistol right there yeah I could do that all right there you go nice I'm out breach's fault line is great for Lane control I told King I was stunning this Lane and he gets a free kill as I said there are Lanes on every map this is why breach is played so much on Haven he's great at fighting for a Lobby denying plant on b or he could even stretch himself to garage or Seaside I mean breach Is Awesome on fracture too amen B main arcade dish Tower literally the entire map is made out of rectangles this is like breeches playground on icebox B main is made up of like 80 lanes and me and King abuse this again here take a look you think I could stun like this from like mid I'm like there catch the garage guys let's do it outside garage yeah oh it is too funny all right we're good there's literally no better feeling than watching your teammates kill people who are fully stunned then there's areas of the map where people just like to walk into it's a little more complicated than just simple halls and corridors like b-man on fracture people love to scale up the right side to avoid an operator you can abuse this by stunning that lane for your teammate and then they can Peak once you play for a long time you sort of know where people are going to play when trying to do certain things here watch this run can you just stand like right here at the start on the barrier I'm gonna play here KO if you want to play off me or something nice yeah full stunts when vipers are chambers lurk they're usually in this area that King wants to peek somewhere around these boxes are in these Cubbies King peaked wide enough to not over expose himself to spawn and got the kill again having someone quick enough to follow up off your stun will net you free assists you don't even need to worry about Lanes or pings or All That Jazz sometimes all you need is a simple hey flash when they get close and let's fight again watch this round let's wait here and then when I call it can you like flash off of like high right here or some [ __ ] yeah sure you should let me know when they do it I don't know what I'm doing one enemy remaining the great thing about breach is that he can help out his teammates from farther away pretty easily all my utility kept the enemy team pinned down while he just ran around and Zapped him like Zeus I'm telling you breach is a ton of fun to play when you have someone that actually fights off your utility but this game wasn't all just sunshine and fault lines what you'd be surprised to hear is that solo plays were still just as important as our team plays so yes we decided to play breach and neon on icebox these two agents complement each other and as you saw some of the plays we created were nuts but we wanted to prove that even with off meta picks you can still work together to roll some games but having a Duo especially won this unorthodox doesn't just flow well right away it took some time to figure things out meaning that me and King had to make some heroics to get on the board initially we were down early and we were relying on solo plays to win some rounds here let me show you this one all right call it suppress it nice shot her carrier's dead hey what's up guys it's King here so I'm gonna be breaking down teeth's clutch just a little bit here you'll notice how after I die in the round I actually called out all the enemy locations so teach kind of has like a general idea of where to how to perceive he's gonna take a little bit of time he'll flash out here just to cover anybody who's staring at this bike right now notice that offers posted on boiler once he hears her drop down he knows that she's holding the angle with an OP so he's gonna stun her off the angle this will force her back and I always looking for another player on boiler because nobody's peaking him under um eventually he does find that player like some good movement kind of causes them to miss shots the reason he knew that jet player was going to repeat there is because she's a jet player and all jet players like to repeat things for whatever reason with the operator just don't get it they're really egoed but you'll notice that he ends up getting this bike down here after a couple uh he's kind of like trying to read the Viper with some of those movements but he gets to spike down he's in the 1v1 uh admittedly this jump Peak right here may be a little bit risky but um I mean he doesn't end up clutching at the round some confidence and I don't really know if there's a better way that he could have cleared that angle maybe he tries to swing her but result in her killing him quickly and defusing the spikes he just wants to kind of stall as much time as possible in that situation and she didn't have enough time to begin with because she had to like rotate over from the other side so she was kind of low on time so I think the jump peek it probably makes sense and he was able to clutch at the round pretty well notice how our mid take didn't go so well and King told me exactly where everyone was in situations like these I need to isolate my gunfights taking on two or all three of them at once is impossible but by using breach's Flash and fault line I'm able to isolate the Chamber from here I need to capitalize off of the mistakes and break up their Crossfire since this is a lower rank I expect the opping jet to peek back out if you're playing against an opera and you expect them to repeat hold a tight angle as it's hard for them to White swing efficiently after that I decided to use my Aftershock to create a pseudo smoke for me to grab the spike from there I try and bait out the Viper by running and then take my time by going B at this point Viper could be anywhere I'm constantly checking flank in sight to see where she could Peak me from and I hide in a spot where I'm isolating them from each other behind this box I get her off the spike with my stun then decide to jump spot hold a good run replacement then win the round staying calm cool and collected during clutch rounds like this are going to be momentum Builders learning how to play in these situations is going to win you games I promise now after that round we started to figure out what our issue is since we don't have a Silva it's going to be harder for us to scale up with a breach or a KO but it's still possible me and King agreed that we can't just scale up with just us two so we had to ask our KO to knife pipes then I'd fault line the left or right side of sight and then Flash the other or it would KO knife deep when I'd stun pipes and Flash clothes here watch this round I'm gonna flash up here and then we get closer I'm gonna like stop I'm gonna stun left side and then like flash off this corner right there it's running left side flashing right above nice wipers here careful so predictable I'm right behind King as he's making space and I trade him out from the utility we're using the enemies are essentially swinging into our crosshairs and we turn this into a 4v2 but notice that this Viper orb is still here we have the man advantage and could just run in but we'd probably die a lot of the time people ranked are careless and just die to dumb things had we run through that orb Viper probably Farms us and then we lose and then everyone's tilted and then everyone starts yelling at each other and then we definitely lose but instead we took her time and secured the round so with this clip me and King wanted to prove to you guys that any agent could work on any map the problem is is that people just need to be creative and learn how to adapt which is pretty hard to find so now lastly one thing that people don't really think of when it comes to carrying are with cons when communicating things to your teammates the information needs to be short concise and accurate as possible like imagine you're getting pushed down sea long and Haven and you're just screaming that you need help all this does is just Panic everybody and everybody just loses their composure or imagine that you just say help or he's here or bro this is so dumb none of these things help your teammates understand what's really going on here have a listen to my comms and how they sound during this round I'm begging to scale to do anything underneath underneath she's like on the other side of her wall I think here Viper yeah I got her promise finding that guy why should I go live stream again you gotta get out tap it up top up top one more one more maybe she was yellow no she she left I guess I don't know I was able to accurately guide my team with the information that I provided we were all on the same page no one was confused and we ended up winning the round if I panicked and didn't point out where this Viper was we'd probably lose comms can carry games that's all we got for our video today but remember that if you're really looking to improve a Valor I highly recommend checking out scocap.com we get it you're just a player trying to get better at the game that's why you're watching this video and first place you're capable of hitting that rank that you deserve but there's no shame in asking for a little help at skillcups.com we spend hours going through viewer submitted replays to let you know all the mistakes that you're making we also couple this with our smart commentaries to show players that it is possible to carry themselves out of whatever rank that they're stuck in it might seem hopeless at times but trust me when I say that we can help you all out all you have to do is check out skocap.com Link in the description below so hopefully you guys now have a better understanding of how you should be playing with your duo with just a little bit of creativity communication and teamwork anyone can drop 60 kills on any agent on any map anyways if you guys enjoyed the video be sure to drop a like And subscribe to the channel down below it really does help us out and that's all for us I'm teets and we here it's cocap want to thank you all for watching and we'll catch you guys in the next one take care foreign

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