5 Mind-blowing Artificial Intelligence Tools 🤯

Hi everyone, Kevin here. Today we are 
going to look at 5 different tools that   leverage artificial intelligence 
in some truly incredible ways. Here for instance, I can 
change my voice in real time. I can also highlight an area of a photo and 
I can make that just automatically disappear.   Uh, where did my son go? I can also give the 
computer instructions like, I don't know, write   a song for the Kevin Cookie Company. Wow, that's 
actually pretty good. Would it be asking too   much to also have the computer sing it to me. The 
Kevin Cookie Company, bringing joy to you and me. Those are just a few of the examples that we're 
going to look at today.

Let's check these out.   The first tool that we're going to look at is 
called VoiceMod, and this allows you to change   your voice in real time. You can download the tool 
up above or also down below in the description.   They have voice actors record all sorts of text 
and then they train models based on that. Then you   speak into a microphone, and they'll convert your 
voice in real time into the actor’s voice. Once   you finish downloading and installing VoiceMod, 
you'll land in an interface that looks like this.   Up in the top left-hand corner, let's click on 
voice box and here you see all of the different   voices that are available in VoiceMod, and 
you have lots and lots of different voices.   Currently all of the AI voices are in beta, so 
this is where they had an actor train a model.   Let's test some of these out. 
Here I'll click on the narrator.

The Kevin Cookie Company has 
the best cookies in the world.   When you have an authoritative voice 
like that say it, it must be true.   Let's test out some of these other 
voices. Here I'll click on the pilot. Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot 
speaking, just a quick heads up that the flight   crew will soon be delivering 
nice freshly baked cookies. Over on the right-hand side, here 
you can also choose the character,   so the pilot has Michael. You could 
also use a female voice with Ellen,   so you could customize who the character 
is. Let's test out one more voice. Here   I'll select Alice. Be sure to finish 
eating all of your cookies, kids. You could really just spend all day playing 
around with all these different fun voices. Next, we're going to look at how you can remove 
objects from photos using something called

Here I am on the website and here you simply drag in   a photo where you would like to remove an object. 
Here I'll drag in a photo of my son standing on a   mountain of snow. Now for free, you could continue 
with an SD version, or you could also pay if you   want to work with an HD version. For this, I'll 
continue with SD. Here I can now see a close up   of my son standing on this mountain of snow. Down 
below, I have my brush size selected and all I   need to do is simply highlight my son. Here I'll 
highlight his entire body, and once I'm all done,   I'll release my mouse, and now the AI is doing 
its magic. And look at that! He has completely   disappeared from the photo, and it even recreated 
some of the background behind him. Up in the top   right-hand corner, you can click on this toggle 
to toggle it to the original or here I can go   back to the version where it's removed him from 
the photo.

It's actually pretty incredible.   Now there are a few issues with shadows 
and whatnot, but overall, this is pretty   impressive for such a short amount of time. It 
sure beats using the clone tool in Photoshop. The next app that we're going to look at is called 
CapCut, and it's a free video editing program that   infuses AI throughout the entire experience. You 
can remove the background with just a click of a   mouse.

You can even enhance the way you look. 
Those are just a few of the features. Let's   take a look. To get the CapCut video editing app, 
head to the website On the website,   you can use CapCut in your web browser or you can 
also download it for Windows or Mac. For the most   functionality, I would recommend downloading and 
installing the app. It's completely free to do.   Once you finish installing CapCut and you launch 
a new project, you'll land in this interface, and   the first thing you need to do is drag some type 
of media in.

Here I'll drag in a video of myself,   and then I'll drag it down here onto the timeline 
and let me go into the middle of the video file.   To remove the background, here I'll make sure 
this clip is selected, and in the top right-hand   corner, I'll click on video, and then cutout, 
and here's the option that says auto cutout.   I'll click on this and right now it's processing 
the video. This is where all of that magic AI   work is happening, and check that out. It 
has successfully removed the background,   and that's without a green screen.

The AI detects 
me, and it separates it from the background. Now,   one thing that's really neat, here I can pull in 
a picture. So, here a nice picture of an office.   I'll take my video on the timeline and I'll move 
it up to a higher layer and here I can pull the   picture in. I'll place it on the lower layer and 
here I'll drag it so it's the same length as my   video.

And now when I play it, look at this. 
It looks like I'm in a completely different   location. Here I'll pull these handles just so the 
picture takes up the full frame and look at that.   Once again, no green screen at all. That's pretty 
impressive. Along with removing the background,   CapCut has some other very impressive AI 
capabilities. Here I'll select my clip, and in   the top right-hand corner let's click on enhance. 
Here I can use AI to identify where my face is and   here CapCut places a rectangle around my face, and 
I can target different improvements.

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