5 Jan 3309: D-2 Missing, Claims ‘Unfinished Business with Salvation’ (Elite Dangerous)

Tesreau expressed concern 
that Seo's ability to understand Thargoid   communication and intentions may make her a 
target for some less than scrupulous individuals,   and asked that anyone who has any information as 
to her whereabouts should alert the authorities.  Azimuth Biotech expressed scorn regarding 
Seo's mental condition, characterising   her departure from the Aegis facility as an 
escape from questionable medical assistance,   and pointing out that she cannot possibly have any 
unfinished business with Salvation as Salvation   died in HIP 22460 on the 9th of August last year.
Salvation, also known as Dr Caleb Wycherley,   is believed to have been aboard the Azimuth 
megaship Bright Sentinel when the Proteus Wave   was fired. The megaship was destroyed shortly 
after. On the 25th August a transmission from   an unidentified rescue team claimed that 
it had seen Dr Wycherley's body, but had   been unable to recover it. There is therefore 
some evidence that Salvation is, indeed, dead.

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