5 Jan 3309: D-2 Missing, Claims ‘Unfinished Business with Salvation’ (Elite Dangerous)

Galnet News Update, 5th January 3309. The so-called Thargoid-whisperer, former 
Azimuth test-subject D-2, has vanished,   leaving a note claiming that she has 
"unfinished business with Salvation".  Former Aegis Head of Research Professor 
Alba Tesreau says she became aware that D-2,   whose real name is Seo Jin-ae, had departed 
after the former test-subject failed to turn   up for a therapy appointment. Seo's voice 
note thanked those at the former Aegis   facility for their care, but explained 
she is on a mission to do with Salvation.  Tesreau accepts that Seo's mental and physical 
state has improved dramatically while she has   been under Aegis supervision, but that the neural 
implant fitted by Azimuth had still been causing   her some discomfort.

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