1st Day In Vietnam! Ho Chi Minh City Is Intense 🇻🇳

Ready myself okay okay we have a little bit of chili now to say no chili please get 
the full taste experience here   wow okay yeah okay okay looks very good yes okay oh that's okay that's okay I will 
eat here I will eat yeah yeah   okay okay come on thank you very 
much I can sit here yeah yeah let's get a see if I can just try it if I get right right   okay so this is actually a very 
huge decent bucket check it out   and yeah they are left over us from the from the 
French when the French were here many years ago   Vietnam used to be colonized by the French and 
what they brought to Vietnam are these baguettes   and you can still find them as a very popular 
street food all over Vietnam let's give it a try foreign there's really a decent amount of meat 
inside together with the with the greens here   they had a fresh flavor too the fresh kick to it oh this is amazing wow and check 
out the big pieces here not sure   what it is maybe sausage and I think 
that's very typical Vietnamese rice   smaller than plastic chairs right by the 
side of the road here and eating bunny have a look at this they are almost more 
motorbikes here driving through the market   then there are people walking through the 
market that is interesting right check it out   oh very interesting Market ah people you seem to be friendly so far 
that's always a good first impression of   a of a new country right but yeah you 
really have to be careful not to get   overrun here by all these uh motorbikes here 
and people selling uh Seafood here fish hello oh this is a octopus ah he has octopus here they 
actually look very big and different types of fish   here and some Screech oh it looks very good looks 
very good okay so this is also a clothing Market   you can buy all kinds of clothes here 
probably for a very affordable price   um all Romans clothes here so far to be honest 
I think it's um it's secondhand clothing here   which makes them probably even uh more cheap I 
don't know how much are your t-shirts how much right away like how much how much for the T-shirt I'm just curious to to know how much you have 
to pay for a t-shirt here or maybe we have to   like like this how much Sun oh I don't understand 
it oh okay maybe we can buy a t-shirt here okay   thank you okay one thing I noticed already is 
um the level of English is uh really low here   um if I compare it for example I recently been 
to the Philippines where the level of English   was amazingly High everyone spoke English and 
here it's a little bit harder to communicate of   course that's not a problem I don't expect people 
to uh to speak English this is uh southeast Asia   and not uh not England or the USA or Australia so 
I of course don't expect people to speak English   here so it's absolutely no problem that they don't 
speak good just that Mia to give you my my first   impression here that yeah the the level of English 
Spoken Here is uh relatively low so you have to   find your ways to communicate your way around 
but hey that's part of the experiences right   there's always a way to yeah communicate your way 
around using your hands or if I really wanted to   then I could have used my Google translate now 
to find out the price but yeah I was not really   interested to buy a t-shirt I was just curious how 
much they they asked for on the market like this   actually let me add something to the to the 
English speaking topic if you remember the   the students at the temple they actually spoke 
really good English so it's a more of the the   older generation that doesn't really speak English 
but if you speak to the younger Vietnamese people   they are actually quite okay quite good with 
English let's see if we can cross the road here   with all the motorbikes okay okay this is a busy road here check it out way way more 
motorbikes than you see cars here that's amazing Lydia has one car here and then 
like 30 40 50 motorbikes here   everyone is driving a 
motorbike here wow it's amazing this lady just invited me oh is this a park okay actually that looks quite good here we're 
actually grilled here just by the side of the road   oh okay can I can I get one okay let's just try 
it it looks actually very good it looks very good   ah juicy delicious pork here okay um are you 
gonna can I get no rice no no no just just to me   because I just ate if I get I don't 
eat rice at the moment just curious   to try the pork here yeah that's just this 
yeah okay I just want to try the pork here you have a chair I can sit oh maybe I can sit here 
oh I can sit down here yeah oh oh check it out I   am a one meter 94 guy and then in Vietnam you have 
these small plastic chairs here but that's okay   um also very funny oh this is a authentic 
experience here yes once again hello actually let's have a look at the barbecue 
here that looks really good right [Music]   and the other pieces are kind of thin so because 
of that they get um built much faster I guess oh thank you very much oh yeah okay thank you   yeah okay so just some some 
pork here with some cucumbers let's give it a try yeah I'm also walking 
by here and then the the lady waved at me   and said hey come here so she was so 
inviting that I thought okay that's uh   walk a little tray here so she also brought this 
sauce here not sure what it is maybe vinegar foreign oh thank you come on come on he said welcome to 
Vietnam oh that's a lovely person I'm getting here oh yeah yeah I can open yeah oh thank you so 
much thank you very much oh this is lovely that's how you can welcome here as a 
tourist on your first day in Vietnam [Music] very good yeah thank you oh yeah I make a video about 
Ho Chi Minh oh this is nothing I would like to know what they're talking 
about they're talking about camera   I make a video about Vietnam oh it would be really nice to be able 
to uh to communicate with them you know   but after here some some stuff 
with some thoughts from them what is that to drink oh she just 
brought me something to drink also   I'm sure what this is maybe maybe cheese it's cold I don't think it's tea it's something   uh something sweet slightly 
sweet just a little bit sweet maybe something with lemon interesting it's very good actually just brought it so I guess uh 
might be another gift let's   see if I have to pay it at the end but I doubt it they're still enjoying the media she's even bringing me another 
one oh thank you come here   you very much actually now that I finished 
the first cup I do think it is cheap cold tea but um it's like you know this Rosie 
flavor like a big Jose and maybe a   little bit of lemon interesting combination 
but definitely delicious how much you get 50.

You mean five okay foreign and one thing that I noticed that is a big 
difference compared to a Bangkok where I'm   just coming from everyone on the motorbike is 
wearing a helmet here you can't see a single   motorbike rider without a helmet and in Thailand 
for example it's more like 50 50 I would say 50 of   the people I'm not wearing helmets but here really 
check it out everyone is wearing a helmet so I'm   guessing they are stricter here about the rules 
of wearing a helmet maybe they unpause the Pines   harder you don't wear a helmet 
but yeah really noticed that   also what I'm really noticing here 
is that the places look very clean   we don't have garbage lying around it all looks uh 
yeah almost like this it's a very clean places the   roads are looking good so my first impressions 
so far of Ho Chi Minh City of Southern Vietnam   are really great and yeah I'm going to stay here 
for a few weeks that's my plan also to leave the   city to travel around a bit if you would like 
to join the journey feel free to subscribe to   the channel say healthy stay positive and 
then see on the next episode ciao guys

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