1st Day In Vietnam! Ho Chi Minh City Is Intense 🇻🇳

I am in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam it's my 
first time here and check out the traffic   here the stereotype about this city seems 
to be true the traffic is intense honking   everywhere motorcycles everywhere this already 
an adventure just to take a ride through the city and what I see a lot here what really surprises 
me is most of the local people are wearing long   jackets even like gloss on their hands like 
you can see at my my driver here he also has   a gloves and they have long jackets and I I 
get it they do that because they want to get   the sun on there they don't want to get the sun on 
their skin but wow it is hot here over 30 degrees   I'm not sure if I could do that like see all the 
locals here having uh long jackets hello singtel   yeah I'm I'm the only person 
here riding with just a t-shirt   okay even with the bicycle 
through the traffic here   okay I already learned uh two words whenever I'm 
in a new country I like to learn a few words so   the first word I learned is Xin Chao which means 
a hello and a gum earn which means thank you hello first impressions of the locals here they're   smiling a lot seem to be 
very friendly and welcoming oh and all these motorbikes there behind me wow   oh being right here in the middle of the 
traffic yeah these are already some really   nice First Impressions I love it here so far 
it's literally just my first day so it seems   to be pretty organized here always the the 
cars on the on the left side over there and   then this Lane on the right side always for the 
for the scooters for the motorbikes so it looks   a bit like a like chaos at the beginning but 
I think it's actually pretty organized here okay come on thank you very much how to open this okay thank you very much come on thank you 
you can buy little birds here on the street   oh my god there must be like hundreds of 
little birds in this little cage here huh how much they are there's nobody 
here at the moment to sell them   also the store here oh they have sugar cane here but nobody here oh hello somebody here oh there's a guy coming hello 
can I get sugar cane juice   sugar cane uh to uh two three one yeah okay 
I didn't have sugar cane juice fresh for for   quite a while actually let's see how he makes 
it ah oh yeah with this little machine here stick through the machine and then yeah the juice gets squeezed out of 
the machine or out of the stick I should say and then somewhere there must be 
like a cup or a glass where the   juice is falling into basically 
probably it's somewhere down here [Music] foreign let's see where the juice is oh 
this looks really good how much   how much how much money do you get 
[Laughter] I think they want to show   20 000 okay let's see if I have 20 000 car 
in here 10 20 000.

Okay oh come on thank you   okay let's taste it right away oh this is actually 
a really really big big cup of sugar cream juice oh very good very good thank you oh she's laughing maybe she also sells the bird are 
these real birds how much for the   for the birds I'm curious how much you 
have to pay for them for the birds yeah I'm wondering if um maybe you can buy them and 
kind of release them for good luck that's what   they do in Thailand sometimes are one bird twenty 
thousand and then you the left and fly oh I think   that's what they do they they live the release of 
us so I paid 20 000 and then the birds fly yeah okay okay okay wait I think I have to pay for it 
okay let's uh set one of these Birds free we can change I get a bird now okay I just bought a bird in Vietnam but 
I'm going to give this little guy a freedom   hello guy oh his heart is beating a lot okay let's 
see if I can feed it well but that's three three   okay bye bye little guy there he goes I bought you 
Freedom oh okay that was an interesting experience   and um is it good luck good luck oh difficult okay   yeah I think um maybe someone in the comment 
section if you know about this maybe you can   explain in the comments I think people do it 
for good luck there's a Temple here as well so   I think if you release it in front of a temple 
or near Temple it's supposed to bring you luck   but uh yeah so unfortunately I can't uh free you 
all guys okay thank you very much I can go inside   can I have a look yeah okay thank you thank you 
come on oh okay oh they have more birds here right   so here right in front of the temple you have 
more birds okay let's see if we can actually have   a look at the temple um actually this looks uh 
Chinese to me there's Chinese writing on top of it   so maybe this is a Chinese temple here yeah I 
guess because yeah China is not far away from   Vietnam it's actually bordering in Northern 
Vietnam because of that I think there will   be quite a lot of Chinese people living here 
in Vietnam and also here in Ho Chi Minh City okay before we continue to explore this interest 
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to explore around okay so I'm curious what this   place is so I just opened a Google Maps and it's 
the mausoleum of Levan duet okay it says here in   German colorful Temple and Tombstone of General 
Lee Van duet and his wife so maybe he was like a   famous general of the Vietnamese army or something 
like that let's have a look what's going on here I   see some locals taking pictures here dressed up in 
probably traditional dresses looks really colorful is this a Vietnamese dress yes yes oh so you're 
taking pictures dressed uh as traditional   okay oh that's very beautiful yeah thank you that 
looks very nice and I like it it's so colorful   yeah like green and red yellow oh that's very 
nice what is this place here what is this Temple   yeah because I see a Chinese characters 
it's a Chinese temple no no no no good so it's not a Chinese temple because I see on the on the 
entrance there's Chinese characters   it's not Chinese because Vietnamese people 
are used to use a Chinese communicate to   each other in the past Vietnamese also 
used to have Chinese characters yes   oh I didn't know that I learned the 
first thing already today sure sure let's take a picture sorry sorry I'm so tall yeah oh there's water coming where's 
the water coming from okay okay how do you say cheese in Vietnam um this is your teacher oh so 
many so many people joining now how do you say in Vietnam nice to meet you okay nice to meet you thank you bye-bye bye-bye 
that was a lovely first impression of the   Vietnamese people so far very nice hello okay 
okay um yeah maybe let's have a quick look at   the temple as well so I already learned the 
first interesting thing that the Vietnamese   people used to use Chinese characters as well 
so this is um yeah the characters on top of here   which you can see and let's have a quick 
look inside but I will not talk because   I see people doing some prayers there so that's 
just uh get a quick impression without my voice oh looks nice right these temples 
are usually very uh impressive   quite astonishing to look at and here 
we have the the two tombstones I guess   but there seems to be an important place 
for the Vietnamese people I also see   some some offerings although there are some 
oranges and some drinks people praying here and this looks also very um 
astonishing here right like a golden uh   yeah what is it a birch standing on top of a 
of a turtle that is very interesting I would   really like to uh to know the meaning behind 
it if any one of you watching this video can   explain please do it in the comment 
section I'm happy to learn about it actually what I just see check this out this 
is uh shaped as a as a dragon so they cut the   bush so that it looks like a like a dragon here 
right you can see that the dragon face from the   from the front here it looks like his typical   um Chinese dragon these dragons that you for 
example see a Chinese New Year everywhere   very unique very cool okay so this random 
stop turned out to be very interesting   and it all started with me drinking some sugarcane 
juice you know ordering some sugar cane juice oh we have some some street food places here not 
sure what they are cooking here he's cooking a   lot of eggs over there hello I think this is a ban 
me Vietnamese baguette hello yeah it's very good   it's good oh okay maybe we can maybe we can try 
one of these baguettes here like always it's   very famous in Vietnam and you can get it with 
meat and with more meat and some greens can I   get one what do you put on on top of it this is a 
party I think that's pork and this one pork pork I think it must be part   I think they're not understanding me but 
that's okay but I think it's all pork okay   okay okay and uh some vegetables yeah okay yeah 
let's see what happens happy to try how much 25.

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