13 Epic Things to do in Lisbon, Portugal: Lisboa Travel Guide (2023)

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we are going to go over 13 of our favorite   things to do in Lisbon Portugal Lisbon is 
the vibrant capital of Portugal and one of   our favorite cities in all of Europe with its 
warm climate rich history mouth-watering food   and the lively atmosphere we guarantee 
that you will fall in love with it too make sure to stay tuned until the end of 
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corner all right let's get into Lisbon let's get   into it number 13 on the list is pink street so 
honestly this will take five minutes but it is   very unique yeah to walk down so it actually used 
to be the old red light district in Lisbon and   they the city has been kind of trying to convert 
that area into a more positive touristy area yeah   and so the street is pink the above the streets 
with all the restaurants is lined with different   colored umbrellas it's a good photo op it's just 
kind of cool to walk down yeah it does get super   busy so if you want to avoid getting in there with 
a ton of people and restaurants being crowded and   stuff go there early in the morning I think we did 
and it was pretty calm and peaceful yeah number   12 on the list is praça de são paulo so this is 
a little church in a square and downtown Lisbon   and we found it really unique because a lot of the 
city is really hustling and bustling and this like   little picturesque white church and the square 
like you can just kind of get a coffee sit on   the bench watch people as they go by it kind of 
feels like you're in a smaller town not right   in the middle of Lisbon and it's really good 
for photos as well number 11 is the LX Factory   so this is a really unique old industrial site 
that's been converted into a massive like kind   of shopping mall yeah it's really cool we've 
already tried some of the food there's a ton   of food vendors a ton of shopping yeah a chocolate 
place we're gonna have to go check out [Music] so   excited yeah it is a little bit out of the way 
if you're walking through most of Lisbon which   is definitely possible if you're staying kind of 
in the downtown region you might want to take a   cab to the LX Factory number 10 is to admire the 
street art so there is some pretty impressive   street art all around Lisbon one of our personal 
favorites was a two-story Fox made out of like   recycled materials and garbage really we'll put 
the GPS coordinates to that below and we'll link   some of our other favorite street art locations 
as well but really if you're walking around you're   going to see it on a lot of different buildings 
stuff like that yeah keep your eye out because   it's literally everywhere yeah all over Lisboa 
number nine on the list is Bairro Alto and it is   a really trendy hip little neighborhood with 
cobblestone streets it's a really good place   for like specialty shops they've got like cork 
Furniture vintage clothing different things like   that some specialty food shops and lots of street 
art there's also a few viewpoints churches and   a funicular in this neighborhood number eight on 
the list is the Lisbon Cathedral so this is a very   picturesque spot the tram line runs right in front 
of it it's one of the oldest churches in Lisbon   it's open from Seven until seven and it's free 
admission so it is a really good place to check   out number seven on the list is really one of our 
favorite places in the city you have to go eat   at Time Out Market so this is basically a 
high-end food court with little booths from   different restaurants around the city where 
they offer different dishes for a fraction   of the price that they would serve at their 
restaurants I still dream about the donuts   that we got at this donut shop there they're 
like deluxe donuts and they are so delicious oh my gosh thats so good it's 
like crumble with Oreo in there they're ridiculously priced but I would honestly 
go back in a heartbeat and probably spend 50 worth   of donuts so good yeah yeah they were so honestly 
all the food was so good they've got every type of   food you can imagine and most of the dishes were 
kind of between like 10 and 20 euros so nothing   crazy when you're talking about high-end food in 
in Lisbon yeah go hungry be ready to eat yeah we   actually went for lunch and dinner in the same 
day so just you know keep that in mind number six   on the list is grabbing a drink and heading down 
to the Waterfront and enjoying the sunset while   we were in Lisbon and the rest of Portugal we had 
some amazing sunsets so this is a really good way   to unwind after a long day of traveling through 
the streets and enjoying all the Magnificent food   yes and the cool thing about this one is I've 
heard from people recently who have visited   that this food truck basically is still there so 
when we left the timeout Market we walked onto   the river and there was this setup and they were 
making fresh pina coladas yeah so very delicious   keep your eyes peeled for that they put them in 
a pineapple and you can just sit and watch the   sunset and it is wonderful number five on the 
list is to wander around the Alfama so this is   the old town of Lisbon and it is where most of 
these sites are located they're either within it   or within walking distance this is where we'd 
recommend you stay if you have the option but   it's full of shops viewpoints Cathedrals it's got 
pretty much everything you need great restaurants   so definitely spend some time just walking the 
streets and enjoying this neighborhood number   four on the list is taking a day trip to Sintra 
so beautiful castles in Sintra I'm sure if you   Googled photos in Portugal some of these places 
that have come up we were blown away by some of   the castles here they are just magnificent it's 
a 40 minute train ride from Lisbon and definitely   worth it if you want to spend a few days here 
we'd also recommend that and we have a YouTube   all about it so if you want to check out that 
video we'll link it below in the description   number three on the list is St George's Castle or 
the Castello de São Jeorge it is on the highest   hill in Lisbon and it gives you 360 degree views 
of the city so even if you're not a huge history   buff this is a really cool place to go we would 
highly highly recommend it you can walk here   easily from the alfama I think it took us like 
I don't know 15-20 minutes to get there we're   going up very cute like cobblestone streets 
and past all these shops and then once you   get inside the castle you can walk walls there 
are food trucks at the entrance there's a bunch   of history there that you can learn about 
and once you leave there's a bunch of shops   and awesome places to get gelato or souvenirs 
gelato oh that gelato number two on the list   is Miradouro De Santa Luzia this is a stunning 
Viewpoint which is what Miradouro actually means   um it is our favorite one for sure Lisbon like 
it's a beautiful little garden they're playing   music and it just looks out over the city and 
we spent a while there actually if you want to   enjoy like sunrise or Sunset there as well be 
a good place for it definitely yeah you can see   over all of the Red Roofs down to the water 
the churches the white wash buildings it is   very quintessential yeah Portuguese Town yeah 
it can get pretty busy with uh the old Instagram   photo shoots but it's worth it yeah just walk a 
lot there's like quite a long stretch of railing   that you can walk along so just try to find a 
spot and claim it for a few minutes and take   in The View throw some elbows up if youre in a 
mood I'm always in a mood when there's a crowd this is a really good place to stop on your 
way back to the Alfama from St George's Castle Number one on the list is to visit the it's a 
big one too all right guys we're doing our best   of these pronunciations to visit the Arco da 
Rua Augusta and Praça de Comercio so this is   the famous arch at the end of the most popular 
street in Lisbon leading to a waterfront square   um it's it's done it's incredible yeah it's so 
beautiful definitely go here early in the morning   yeah so here's a really good tip actually for 
all of Portugal people wake up drink their coffee   have their breakfast and then they get rolling 
around like 10 or 11 A.M so if you want places   to yourselves for photos go early in the morning 
it'll be dead but any time later in the day it's   gonna be crazy see you you will also have better 
lighting because it is obviously an iconic photo   spot if you're looking for good photos going 
early in the morning it's really good for that   all right that wraps it up thank you guys so 
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