$100 STREET Food Challenge in JAPAN || GOLD ICE CREAM, BUBBLE TEA ..

So we are on the most happening street of Japan And we are going to do a $100 Street Food Challenge! It's going to be so much fun, Lots of street food, $100.
What do you think Harsh? Can we exhaust it? It'll be easy. There are so many things, you just see. It's around 8000 INR and we'll be eating a lot of food And you can see so many people around, let's have lots of fun So let's start with Stall 1 and find out what are we going to eat.
Let's go! There is something for 300 JPY. It just should be vegetarian. And so we are at Stall 1 and what you got Harsh? -They are making rice crackers.
-Rice cracker! -Yeah! And they look ultimate.
-Okay! Also he is giving us some to taste! So I am gonna eat this and if we like them
we are gonna order us a full plate.

Quite tasty! It's just like our 'Gajak'. Tastes just like it.
We'll have a plate. Okay! So we got 80gm rice crackers for 300 JPY We got a great start with sweet confection.
Let's see forward. I am wanting to eat this 'Mochi Daifuku' It's a beautiful big strawberry on top of a bun -So lets have it.
-And it costs 350 JPY. -And it looks so cute.

Can I eat the strawberry, Harsh?
-No! -You know it's made of custard with strawberry on the top.
-Seriously? -It's selling fast.
-Here, you can have the strawberry. Let's see what's inside the bun. It's custard paste -Please eat it.
-Wow! How's the taste? -Ultimate! I told you it's custard, proper.
-It's actually custard? -It's the custard that we eat
-He is lost in it The street food here is amazing It's worthy of 350 JPY Let's move forward! Let me eat too and the strawberry is yummy.

It's very jiggly…mushy-mushy. Just like that. A strawberry wasn't enough, I needed to have the whole bunch.
It's very cute, very tempting. It's 400 JPY and we are just eating and
eating and it's so fun and absolute madness So less talking, more eating! And there is a fact, you can't walk while eating,
we can walk only after finishing the food -Why? Is it a rule?
-Yeah. It's a rule in Japan. It's not very sweet and yet delicious.
Let's finish this one and move on to next. And you can see it's filled with beans paste -Is it a kidney beans paste?
-Let's see how it tastes! Those are kidney beans, right? Yeah and it's absolutely delicious There is a saying that goes like 'good things take time' Here are waffles and matcha ice cream So I want to try them out and you might want to too, Harsh? -So lets get in the line and wait
-It's so cute, Prerna So I have the ice cream and the waffle What is this ice cream? Matcha? It's the Christmas ice cream It's looking very beautiful.

Is it for eating too?
The Santa Claus? No. It's not edible. You should not eat it all alone.
You might get funny stomach. It's very tasty, Rainbow Marshamallow Please have a bite, i don't want a funny stomach It's so detailed and cutely prepared It's a small cup and so much ice cream Can you see the marshmallow, it's a waffle and
costs 1120 JPY Matcha is very special ingredient in Japan, you can
find it in teas, coffees, ice creams. It's very tasty Now Harsh wants to eat Melon Paan and the line for it,
is so long, starting from here -But we will eat
-There is also a long queue behind you Harsh, but what if after all this waiting they say that,
'Sorry but we are finished'? I will get it no matter what! Finally, he's got the Melon Paan I have got the bread.

First tell me what's so special about it? The bread feels very good. Let's see. Now the world renowed food vlogger will tell us
how tasty it is. It feels to me like 'Garlic Bread' from Delhi But do you know it costs 600 JPY? No. It's the plain one for 200 JPY -200 JPY, but still very expensive compared to India
-200 JPY -And it's baked so good.
-Yeah? Expert! -People stuff this with whipped cream and strawberry
-I know Exactly! -So lets eat this plain.
-Yeah! And just say 'Oh My God!' Nice bread. It is sugary bread I was expecting something salty It's melon, you know. He ran out of words! Well there is no taste of melon. No. Then what it is? Let me eat and know what so special
as we waited in a long queue It's sugar. Like we dip in sweetened milk Just the same! Now after so many sweet things I wanna have some soda Today I am going to eat the most expensive
ice cream of my life He doesn't get me gold but surely I can eat some gold on ice cream
Gold ice cream -How much does it costs?
-It says 500 JPY.

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