10 Most Mysterious Secrets From World War 2!


10: Secret Nazi Base
A group of Russian scientists   have made an outrageous claim, saying they've 
found the remnants of a secret Nazi base.   Where did they find this mysterious base? On 
a random island in the middle of the Arctic   Circle! The scientists had gone there to do their 
own research when they stumbled upon over 500   artifacts left behind by the Nazis. This has led 
them to believe the island was once a base called   Schatzgraber, or “Treasure Hunter.” There have 
been rumors about the base ever since World War   Two, but nobody really believed it existed.

looking at how much evidence was discovered on   an island named Alexandra Land – gas canisters, 
bullets, the ruined husks of bunkers – it looks   like the base may have been the real deal.
As far as historical records show, the base   posed as a weather station in the Arctic, built 
in 1942 on direct orders from Adolf Hitler. This   was right after he invaded Russia. But nobody ever 
found physical evidence of it up until just now.   It was abandoned just a year later in July 
of 1944. The stories explaining the reason   it was forsaken claim that staff at the 
site consumed undercooked polar bear meat,   and they found themselves contaminated with round 
worm. They ended up so sick and poisoned that they   had to be rescued by a U-boat. Apparently, 
after the submarine evacuated the soldiers,   the site was abandoned and no one ever went back.
9: Disappearing Shipwrecks  World War Two shipwrecks have 
been disappearing without a trace.   According to marine archeologist Beverley 
Goodman, these mysterious shipwrecks are vanishing   worldwide.

But they aren't simply disintegrating 
into nothing, they're being raided by humans!  It's a practice known as metal piracy with 
salvagers actually diving down and pillaging   the metal from forgotten shipwrecks from World War 
Two. To them, the shipwrecks are great big pieces   of cash just waiting to be picked apart and sold. 
After all, these ships are huge, filled with brass   and metal and copper, and heaps of electrical 
equipment that can be sold for a huge profit.  To give you an example of just how 
much money these shipwrecks are worth,   look at just one bronze propeller. It can go for 
tens of thousands of dollars at a scrap buyer.   A single wreck can be sold for nearly $1 million 
if picked apart properly.

The result of this   thievery is that researchers have been finding 
shipwrecks either cut in half or completely gone.   It's tragic because there are still plenty of 
shipwreck hunters out there trying to find lost   vessels from WWII. Yet when they go down to find 
them, the ships are gone because someone’s already   found them cut them up and sold them for cash!
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8: Secret Assassins  Freddie Oversteegan joined the Dutch 
resistance when she was just 14 years old.   A couple years after that, she became one 
of the most dangerous armed assassins in   the country. She joined forces with her sister, 
a younger woman by the name of Hannie Schaft,   and together they killed German Nazis. But 
they didn't just kill them. They lured and   ambushed them in a way that, had this not 
been war, would have been pretty disturbing.  It was May of 1940 when the Nazis invaded the 
Netherlands. The occupation would go on until the   very last days of the war. According to historian 
Jeroen Pliester, the girls never did admit exactly   how many people they assassinated. But we do 
know that they used their youth and innocence   to literally get away with murder.

Freddie in 
particular was an expert in the art of deception.   She once seduced a German officer with 
the SS so that another fighter from   the resistance could sneak up and shoot 
him in the head. She was the real deal,   hunting and killing Dutch collaborators and anyone 
who endangered the lives of Jewish refugees.  Have you ever heard of her? 
Let me know in the comments!  7: Hitler’s Anti-Gravity Machine
Hitler had a secret anti-gravity machine   that he apparently procured from space aliens. 
Oh, and the United States stole it. At least,   that's the insane legend behind Die Glocke, 
the extraterrestrial weapon developed by Nazi   scientists to turn the tides of war. Die Glocke, 
which translates into English as, “The Bell,”   is likely nothing more than the product of a 
mysterious crash in the 1960s and the endlessly   churning rumor mill of online UFO enthusiasts.
There aren't actually historical records of the   Nazis having a wonder weapon that could manipulate 

The first mention of it appeared in a   German sci-fi book in 1960. It then came up again 
in 2000, detailed in a book written about old Nazi   technology by a guy named Igor Witkowski. But 
it was just shortly after that when Nick Cook   wrote a book including an anti-gravitational time 
machine that was part of an SS program – again,   all science fiction. Yet the rumor of such a 
bizarre weapon persists today, with people even   linking it to the Kecksburg Incident of 1965 
when a UFO supposedly crashed in Pennsylvania.  6: The Amber Room
The Amber Room is without   a doubt one of the most mysterious treasures from 
World War Two. It was designed for Charlottenburg   Palace by a renowned German architect back in 
1701. Construction commenced by a pair of master   craftsmen to create the most beautiful room ever 

It was installed at the Berlin City Palace,   where Peter the Great of Russia saw it during 
a visit in 1716. To forge an alliance with   Russia against Sweden, Frederick William I 
gifted it to the Russian Empire. It took 10   years for the Amber Room to be installed at the 
summerhouse of the Imperial family. Of course,   this wasn't just any summerhouse, it was Catherine 
Palace. The installation was such a pain because   there were over 6 tons of amber with a value 
of over $240 million that needed to be moved.  But the room was full of more than just 
amber. There were also architectural features,   carvings, gold leaf, statues of angels, and 
mirrors designed to illuminate the room in   a golden glow using nothing but candlelight.
When the German forces invaded the Soviet Union,   they disassembled the Amber Room and removed it. 
Hitler felt the amber room belonged to Germany,   since it started out in Germany all those years 

They transported it to Konigsberg Castle,   where it sat for two years. Then 
Hitler gave the order to bring   all that amber somewhere deep within Germany.
It remains a mystery what happened to   the Amber Room after that. The castle was 
firebombed by the Royal Air Force in 1944.   The collection of amber was allegedly on a train 
back to Germany when that very train disappeared.   Nobody has seen the treasure in almost 80 years.
Where do you think it could be now?   Tell me your theories in the comments!
5: The Bizarre Army Air Force Mascot  In World War Two England, a live coyote became 
the unofficial mascot of the Army Air Forces.   But how did an actual coyote become the 
inspiration for a group of British airmen?  It all started thanks to John Crump, an American 
pilot who flew three different planes during the   war. He also smuggled a live coyote pup onto 
his ship when he left the US for England.  The coyote’s name was Jeep, an orphan adopted by 
Crump just before he was sent to battle.

When they   arrived in the United Kingdom, Jeep was welcomed 
with open arms by the members of the 356th   Fighter Group at Royal Air Force Martlesham Heath 
Airfield. He was given his own dog tags, he flew   on five missions in Crump’s P-47 Thunderbolt, and 
he became an inspiration for all the other airmen.  Sadly, Jeep was run over by a vehicle in Ipswich 
after his fifth mission in October of 1944.   Jeep was then given a proper 
burial with full military honors.   A memorial plaque was erected in his honor.

It can 
still be found at Playford Hall to this very day.   It goes to show just how unlikely many 
of the heroes in the war really were.
  4: Operation Mincemeat
Operation Mincemeat was a   secret mission pulled off by British intelligence 
officers during World War Two. It was actually   one of the most successful deceptions ever 
achieved during wartime. It happened in April   1943, when a decomposing corpse was 
found floating near southern Spain.   Personal documents revealed him to be a man named 
Major William Martin with the Royal Marines. He   had a black attaché case handcuffed to his wrist.
Now, keep in mind that Spain was officially   neutral but sort of pro-Germany during the war. 
It didn't take long for Nazi intelligence to   learn about a mysterious floating officer 
with a briefcase chained to his wrist.   When the body was searched, they found a letter 
written by military authorities in London,   meant for a senior British officer stationed in 

The letter indicated that the Allies   were preparing to cross the Mediterranean from 
North Africa to attack Greece and Sardinia,   which were both occupied by the Nazis.
It was all a trick. Adolf Hitler transferred   German troops from France to Greece after hearing 
about the letter. He thought there was going   to be a massive invasion by the enemy. But the 
drowned man was actually a vagrant whose body was   taken out of a London morgue. The body was then 
transported by a racecar driver to a Royal Navy   submarine, who dumped it off the Spanish coast. 
That was exactly when British authorities began   a desperate attempt to recover the body and the 
case he was holding. Their efforts to supposedly   try and get ahold of the case convinced 
the Nazis that the documents were real.  As a result of the operation, the Nazis were 
completely blindsided when 160,000 troops   invaded Sicily instead of Greece – and there was 
no one there to stop them.

This secret operation   directly led to the fall of Mussolini and was one 
of the first major steps in turning the tide of   war in favor of the Allies.
3: The Freemasons  Amongst the millions of people that 
the Nazis tried to exterminate,   they also had it out for the Freemasons. In the 
1930s, the Nazi regime began spreading bizarre   conspiracy theories about the Freemasons, calling 
them liberal intellectuals and saying they needed   to be destroyed. Their secretive circles 
of influence would no longer be tolerated.  When it came to war time, the Nazis did what they 
did best. They began to systematically hunt down   and eradicate the Freemasons. While they were 
committing these heinous acts, they collected   a vast trove of Freemason artifacts going back 
to around the 17th century.

They managed to   get their hands on over 80,000 items from Masonic 
lodges, houses of Freemasons, and so on. It's now,   according to museum specialist Iuliana 
Grazynska, the biggest Masonic archive anywhere   in Europe. And it's still full of mysteries.
But why did the Nazis hate the Freemasons so much?   It was because of Nazi ideology. They were very 
anti-intellectual and anti-elitism and Hitler   loved spreading ideas of the occult. The thing is 
that he had to be the one in charge of all of the   info. And the Masons were pretty much the 
exact opposite, a group of intellectual elites.   But the Soviets also hated the Freemasons, and 
even banned their practice under communism.   What's truly interesting is that Freemasonry 
was to Germany and Russia what communism   was to the US during the exact same time.

What do you think it is about the mysterious   and secretive Freemasons that appear 
so dangerous to certain governments?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments
2: Operation Gunnerside  Operation Gunnerside was one of the 
most incredible secret missions of   World War Two. It was straight out of a 
James Bond movie.

On February 27th,1943,   nine Norwegian commandos went to work.
They infiltrated a hydroelectric plant   held by the Germans. The Vemork Plant was 
owned by a company called Norsk Hydro,   but the Germans had taken control of it and 
were trying to keep that fact a secret. But the   Norwegians weren't having any of it. Their mission 
was to destroy the water pipes in the basement.   They needed to destroy them at all costs, 
although at the time they had no idea why.  The Germans were using the plant to produce 
heavy water, or Deuterium oxide. It's a special   water molecule the Germans were hoping to use 
instead of graphite for creating an atomic bomb.   When they had taken control of the 
plant, they shifted all production to   heavy water. They were desperate to make the 
first atomic bomb the world had ever seen,   and this plant was critical for their success.
The Norwegian commandos jumped from a plane   under the cover of snowfall at about 
midnight. But they missed their mark   and had to walk for five days through the snow 
just to reach the plant. They then broke in,   divided into different squads, and set bombs 
throughout the plant to sabotage the water pipes.   Straight from a Hollywood movie, the team 
escaped the building with just seconds to spare   and skied away down the side of the mountain 
as the explosion went off behind them.   They then traveled over 200 miles (321 km) 
to Sweden using nothing but their skis.   Every single member escaped successfully 
and the water pipes were destroyed.  1: Philippine Gold
There is said to be a secret treasure hoard of   gold from World War Two hidden in the Philippines. 
But then again, the gold may not even exist.  The story of the gold goes 
back to General Yamashita,   a Japanese commander who had been stationed in 
the Philippines and was notorious for hoarding   all the gold and valuables that his soldiers took 
during raids.

Yamashita, near the end of the war,   became desperate to hide his collection of gold so 
that he could come back for it later – or at least   so the Americans couldn’t have it. He allegedly 
oversaw the burial of millions of dollars’ worth   of gold loot that had been collected throughout 
Asia during the Japanese offensive. Yamashita then   held out against the American forces for a few 
weeks before being forced to surrender in 1945.  Yamashita was captured, tried for war crimes 
against humanity, and executed in 1946.   He never said where his gold was, but people 
are pretty sure it's in the Philippines.   It could be worth hundreds of millions 
of dollars, but nobody has ever found it.  Do you really think there’s a secret 
stash of gold hidden in the Philippines?   Let me know your thoughts in the comments and 
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