😳 PEOPLE THINK @Rebootedpoppy IS A HACKER?! (roblox drama)


hey everyone welcome back to my channel so recently someone asked me to make a video on this so-called hacker named cryptid poppy today we'll be seeing whether she's a real hacker or not let's go so from what i've heard rebooted poppy is a roblox editor with thousands of subscribers she makes videos pretending to hack people but some people actually believe she does either these videos are very well edited or she has admin commands let's take a look at one [Music] [Laughter] okay i can immediately see that this is staged obviously nobody comes up to you and suddenly starts hating on you lol i don't know why people think she's a real hacker [Music] so i have a few things to say here this is probably really well edited or she has her own version of the ragdoll engine game therefore she has admin commands and was able to do whatever that was if this really was just edited then the people died probably just reset as i told you everything here was staged let's take a look at the next one [Music] can we just talk about how cool this guy's outfit is like he's for real just chilling here with the sunglasses i mean seriously i used to hate wearing those but after seeing his avatar i'm going to equip them [Music] so basically she flings the noob off of the edge of the building then flies away honestly i now kinda understand why people are scared of her but the ending looks really well edited [Music] it's kinda becoming boring now it's just the same thing over and over again i mean we've already seen this can you do something else i'm not gonna lie though the way she flings people is really cool like i really want to try lol thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed be sure to leave a like and subscribe because it really helps me out love you all bye [Music]

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