👑SALAH WONDER GOAL!👑 Score Like An Egyptian! (Liverpool vs Chelsea 2-0 Goals Highlights)

each Liverpool girl she's Chelsea [Music] for a little while and part with this cigarette we've got money man unfamiliar smile and Chelsea's rejects [Music] like an Egyptian was like an Egyptian [Music] Oh and what I could [Music] [Music] all scorers like the Egyptian no I know this court oh sure they are dreadful Oh mr. Danny is pretty close [Applause] oh come on Jory hay fever oh oh come on sorry Bart don't see there let's see what one football made of the match mat so the man of the match chosen by our one football users was salla man of the match for that tap in and look at this four wins will give Liverpool the title five wins for city might be the problem with that ball for more reaction stats and general flirty stuff you can download the one foot with app totally free now farewell and thanks to my beautiful assistant Matt though it's a shame II didn't wear the sparkly dress of offerin maybe next time

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