🌟 The Champions of The World 🌟

what happens when 800 of the world's most elite football players crossed the season halfway through to go to the world's biggest football tournament Players stop being polite and start getting heated this is the champions of the world this is it Leo our last chance to win the World Cup you mean my last chance to win the World Cup yours was in 2018. we're here to put engeland on top of the map do you mean on the map like on the map of England behind you that's England is that what a map looks like and why are you here I just genuinely love this country and their vibrant football culture hello I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind everyone about the Champions League [Music] [Music] with England in our group this is going to be exactly like the American Revolution which we just learned about in a documentary on the plane ride over here we're back in the world cup and this time we are going all the way hopefully to the quarterfinal [Music] well if it isn't my old friends from Ghana haven't seen you guys since 2010 no hard feelings right yeah let me give you a hand gentlemen how are my favorite cash cows I mean players was the flight nice I don't care here let me put you towards your accommodations it's all behind you isn't it oh this mansion no no no this is for our corporate sponsors your Mansion is over there it's tiny but when you consider we built it in one night it's actually very impressive whoa I'd love to know how you pulled that off someone should do some long-form investigative journalism about that absolutely not anyways you're gonna love it there every group gets their own room wait we have to share hey oh man I think I'm gonna be sick do the corporate sponsors have to share of course not they're the most important people here [Music] well that we came with terrible kids but we'll be leaving with the World Cup here here golden generation let's go yeah all right these Americans are quite confident for a team whose Captain Rogers the bench ice Club foreign [Laughter] [Music] it's not funny you dude who puts vinegar on their fries they're called chips and you're one to talk who drinks like that it's called a cake stand bro it's a form of art job so what's it like being stuck with the English and the Americans honestly we're just happy to be here attention Group B we divvy up the room whoa whoa whoa are you gonna tell us what we can and can't do in our section like you do back home dividing up territory that doesn't belong to you is not cool yeah bro maybe I can help I've been embedded amongst the Americans for some time now and have managed to pick up a bit of their language sup fam No Cap I'm him please good luck getting through to them they use Fahrenheit actually your teams are more common than you think you're both full of exciting young talent but your women's teams are way better and much more likable neither of you is going to win the World Cup and frankly you're both a bit annoying don't be ridiculous everyone loves English football no everybody loves the Premier League you guys not so much you weren't even invited to the favorites party uh favorites party yeah Brazil always throws a big party for all the tournament favorites Bob the dash England has been to many major tournaments and I've never heard of a favorite party awkward [Music] you can do it Neymar so more than you break it oh so uh how's Europa League [ __ ] you wait why is Canada here hey man Canada's cool wow what a harsh L to take this was supposed to be an American Revolution but it feels like a Great Depression yeah what do you mean your stupid body anyway and you spell favorite room there's supposed to be a you holy [ __ ] we are annoying [Music] can't get enough of the Champions me neither which is why I suckered Bleacher Report into giving me my own talk show tune into Champions chat on December 2nd but I'll be covering the world's biggest football tournament you won't want to miss this the way Egypt misqualifications oh no the lasers are back [Music] okay baby come home [Music]

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