【🇹🇭 Thailand Travel 2023】Phi Phi Islands Vlog 1 泰国游之皮皮岛攻略

It's hot and very warm. Opposite the hotel is TonSai Beach. You can see many boats parked here, so there are fewer people and sea activities. Loh Dalum Beach is about 5 minutes walk behind the hotel. We are now going to rent a Kayak and paddle from here to Monkey Beach. 1 Kayak, 200 baht an hour, you can also reduce the price with them. Pay attention or ask if it is high tide? Because the low tide boat may not be able to row back to the shore and, also, remember to wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen, especially hands and feet.

Otherwise, it is easy to get sunburned. It took 20 minutes to get to Monkey Beach, but I didn't see a single monkey here. The people here said that the monkeys did not come today. It may be that the law enforcement officers did not allow tourists to feed the monkeys, so they did not attract them. However, you can see that the sand here is white and fine, and the sea water is still very clear. After playing for a while, we went back. In the evening we came to this famous Garlic 1992 for dinner. First of all, come to this big cup of Mango Mojito. There are also pineapple fried rice, fried mixed vegetables, Massaman curry and garlic grilled shrimp. Every dish is delicious, no wonder there are long queues. When you are full, you can go shopping or go to a bar by the sea to watch a show. There are singing and dancing here every night. This episode is about the same time. In the next episode, we will go to Islands Hopping, Maya Bay and Bamboo Island. If you want to see more interesting places in Thailand, remember to follow and subscribe to my channel.

See you in the next episode Bye.

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