【🇹🇭 Thailand Travel 2023】Phi Phi Islands Vlog 1 泰国游之皮皮岛攻略

Sawadeekar, welcome to "A Bao Loves to Eat, Drink and Play". Where are we going today? Yes, we are going to Phi Phi Island! ! Many people will fly to Phuket or Krabi first, and then take a boat to Phi Phi Island. But we chose to take the bus. We took the 7pm bus. It took 16-17 hours to arrive at Phi Phi Island at 12.30pm tomorrow afternoon. The bus was transferred to a small station wagon, and then transferred to Phi Phi Island. I pre-purchased the bus ticket online at 12Go.Asia and it arranged bus, minivan and ferry connections. THB 1300 per person one way. Bus at 7 o'clock, we need to come to Monthhanatip Tour & Travel on Khao San Road an hour before check in. I suggest to have a full dinner first or go to 7-11 to buy some food on the bus. Seats are first-come, first-served, as you choose.

The bus to the south of Thailand does not have a sleeper bus, only this kind of sitting seat looks quite wide (if the body is not too big), there is a small pillow and a place for the feet to rest, and a quilt is provided. When you feel cold, you can cover it, I think it should be quite comfortable, and then you will distribute water and cakes. There is a toilet in the bus like a plane. From 7 o'clock to now 12.30am, stop to eat and eat. We get on the bus and sleep a lot. We will arrive at Surat Thani Town at 5.30am in the morning. Here we will transfer to the minivan and go to the pier to take a boat across Phi Phi Island. You can see many other tourists waiting to transfer to Koh Samui, Krabi or Phuket.

Our minivan will depart on time at 6.30am Have a good day everybody. Have a nice day. On the way from Surat Thani to Klong Jilad pier for about two hours, I will stop for breakfast and go to the toilet. You can take the opportunity to brush your teeth and wash your face. We arrived at the pier at 9 o'clock and took the boat at 10.30am to Koh Phi Phi TonSai Pier. At 9.30am, the staff asked us to go to the counter to get the ticket, and then we took the luggage on board. The staff were very considerate and helped us carry our heavy luggage onto the boat and put it in the designated place. This boat is air-conditioned and has two floors.

I think the lower layer will be cooler and the upper layer will be slightly warmer. There are some cup noodles, snacks and various drinks on the boat. Two hours later, at 12.30pm, we finally arrived at Phi Phi Island. Before entering the island, you need to pay 20 baht per person, and children are free. The hotel staff greeted us at the pier, helped us with our luggage, and took us to the hotel. This time I booked the 3-star hotel ChaoKoh Phi Phi Hotel & Resort on Agoda. The counter staff quickly helped me check in, We were also treated to a welcome drink. Since the room hadn't been made up yet, we left our luggage and went to have lunch. The weather was really hot, so we chose a restaurant near the hotel, Mango Garden, which is also air-conditioned. After blowing on the air conditioner and feeling cool, we still wanted to eat the duck noodle soup that someone introduced online.

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